Driving Lessons Pershore from PassLee Driving School. If you have a desire to learn to drive in Pershore then you’ve come to the right place – PassLee Driving School in Pershore. We are able to ensure that your driving lessons in Pershore follow the DSA syllabus with structured driving lessons, avoid picking up bad habits and can feel confident in every manoeuvre made. Learning to drive in Pershore is a serious business and an important life skill, not only do we teach you all of the skills you need to be a safe driver but we also try to make your driving lessons in Pershore fun! Read our testimoials page to find out how others found their driving lessons in Pershore.

Stress Free Driving Lessons Pershore

Most importantly driving lessons should be enjoyable, we take the hassle out of the learning process by providing a combination of professional driving training and cars specially equipped for the training process. We can help overcome the problems that many pupils feel when it comes to learning to drive.

Providing a stress-free, comfortable training environment for driving lessons is important not only for young drivers but also the more mature driver who may need refresher lessons and this is where we as DSA Approved Driving Instructors can be of benefit.

At PassLee Driving School We:

Provide professional safe driving lessons and training as an investment for a lifetime of safe motoring.

Equip new drivers with the skills, knowledge and planning and awareness training, this enables them to be better-prepared and capable safe new drivers.

Are expert, experienced DSA approved driving instructors.(Government licensed)

Are sensitive to the needs of learners and qualified drivers alike and have the necessary skills, training and ability to ensure that any special needs are met

Have the job of not only preparing anyone for a driving test but ensuring that you learn to drive safely and responsibly.

On your driving lessons in Pershore we will teach such things as:

Understanding and applying the Rules of The Road

Hazard Perception, including the ‘safety bubble’ and safe distance in traffic which is critical in preventing the most common driver errors

Making progress with speed control and correct car maneuvering techniques

How to get the best out of the DSA syllabus so that you can match your driving experience against the professional driver training you receive

Learning to drive with the assistance of a professional driving instructor in Pershore is a one-off cost and in the long term is cheaper.

Driving safely and responsibly can also help keep your car insurance premiums to a minimum.

All our driver training is provided by fully qualified driving instructors and our driving lessons also include intensive driving lessons (crash course driving ), advanced driving lessons and motorway driving lessons. You can also buy block driving lessons. As soon as you have passed your DSA driving test we offer a pass plus course details are above.